Brokers, Meet Your New Best Friend: Unpacking SecondSight’s Broker Workbench with CEO Reuben Vandeventer

Brokers, Meet Your New Best Friend: Unpacking SecondSight’s Broker Workbench with CEO Reuben Vandeventer

Recently, I, Dirk Shaw, CMO at SecondSight, found myself stepping out of a series of intense onboarding sessions with retail brokers and straight into an enlightening conversation with Reuben Vandeventer. He’s not just a colleague, but also an innovative thinker leading SecondSight as its CEO and Founder.

What we’ve been working on isn’t your average piece of tech—it’s the SecondSight Broker Workbench, and it’s set to redefine the standards of digital risk management. It’s as user-friendly as those handy online tools you use to tackle your taxes, but its focus? Cyber insurance. Not just any old cyber insurance, but a streamlined, intuitive, and interactive experience that hands power back to the brokers.

In our casual chat, Vandeventer and I peeled back the layers on this groundbreaking platform. We delved into how it’s changing the way brokers work, how it keeps a keen eye on digital assets, and how it employs AI to demystify the often-complicated world of cybersecurity. So, kick back, relax, and join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of the future of cyber insurance.


Dirk: Hey Reuben, before we dive into the nerdy stuff, let’s give the crowd a clear shot of what SecondSight Broker Workbench is. Can you break it down for us?

Reuben Vandeventer: Sure thing, Dirk. Picture those tools you use to wrangle your taxes or balance your books online, now imagine that but turbocharged for cyber insurance. That’s the SecondSight Broker Workbench in a nutshell. We’re talking analytics, conversion metrics, insights into premiums, and a whole lot more. Plus, it’s got a knack for spotting unused data or apps that could be costing you extra. It’s your one-stop-shop for managing digital risk and streamlining the cyber insurance lifecycle.

Dirk: Nifty, Reuben. Now, what happens after we feed those extra details into the firmographics?

Reuben Vandeventer: After we’ve crunched those details, we put the finishing touches on the rest of the firmographics, and then it’s straight onto the digital environment setup.

Dirk: What’s going on in that setup?

Reuben Vandeventer: Essentially, we’re mapping out the beginnings of cybersecurity and controls. It’s like a shortcut for us to auto-populate the forms that can be shot off to your customer. Efficiency is the name of the game here.

Dirk: Sounds like a treasure trove for brokers.

Reuben Vandeventer: You got it, Dirk. Brokers can juggle multiple forms and shop them around to different markets. It’s like having a personal shopper for the best price and the best coverage for their customers.

Dirk: Let’s switch gears and talk about the user experience.

Reuben Vandeventer: We went out of our way to declutter the language in the forms, icons, graphics, and modal pop-ups. It’s a lot like using popular online tools. Email security is a good example here.

Dirk: How does this process amp up efficiency for brokers?

Reuben Vandeventer: It’s a way for brokers to tackle multiple questions in one go. And here’s the kicker: we’re using AI to dig deeper and broaden what the customer tells us about their organization.

Dirk: Spill the beans on the digital asset inventory.

Reuben Vandeventer: Digital asset inventory is all the rage now. When a customer is getting onboarded, we take their input to guesstimate the digital assets the business is using. We use AI to glean info from their website’s content and metadata, which we then verify through onboarding questions.

Dirk: What goes down after the onboarding?

Reuben Vandeventer: Once we wrap up the onboarding, we roll back the clock a bit to show what’s been happening in parallel, like the evolution of the digital asset inventory.

Dirk: Give us the scoop on the risk tracker feature.

Reuben Vandeventer: Risk Tracker is like your own personal AI sleuth that lets businesses keep tabs on their digital assets. It’s on the lookout for sensitive data, regulatory risk, encryption ratio, and more.

Dirk: How’s this a game-changer in the long haul?

Reuben Vandeventer: Installing Risk Tracker means you’re constantly monitoring your controls. It’s a game-changer for insurability because you’re continually on top of your risk. Think of it as behavioral underwriting.

Dirk: Anything juicy on the horizon?

Reuben Vandeventer: Oh, absolutely. We’re setting the stage for meta-pixel discovery to help carriers manage class action lawsuits and privacy on a larger scale. Plus, we’re spinning up services for continuous vulnerability and threat detection. It’s all about supercharging the digital asset inventory.

Dirk: Lastly, how does this tool help brokers keep tabs on their customers?

Reuben Vandeventer: Our Broker workbench is like a Swiss Army knife for brokers. It helps manage customers and their book, keeping an eye on the cyber insurance lifecycle. Think of it as your control center for portfolio view and productivity tracking.


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