Embracing Change: How SecondSight Adapts to New Cybersecurity Research and Keeps Clients Protected

Embracing Change: How SecondSight Adapts to New Cybersecurity Research and Keeps Clients Protected
In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, staying up-to-date with the latest research and industry trends is essential for any organization.

A recent “groundbreaking” report from Marsh McLennan has revealed a direct link between key cybersecurity controls and reduced cyber risk. In this blog post, we will discuss how SecondSight’s innovative software is already implementing these controls and can adjust to any new requirements at a moment’s notice.

Key Findings from Marsh McLennan’s Report:

According to Marsh McLennan, the following five controls, among the 12 key control categories commonly required by cyber insurers, were determined to have the greatest ability to decrease the likelihood of a successful cyberattack:

  1. Automated hardening techniques
  2. Privileged access management
  3. Endpoint detection and response
  4. Logging and monitoring
  5. Patching systems

SecondSight’s Adaptability to New Cybersecurity Requirements:

SecondSight’s AI-powered solutions have been designed to quickly adapt to new research and carrier requirements, ensuring that our software stays at the forefront of cyber risk management. Here’s how we map these controls within our software:

  1. Digital Asset Inventory: By identifying critical digital assets, SecondSight assists insurers in tailoring coverage that addresses clients’ specific security requirements. This customization includes recommending and ensuring the implementation of crucial cybersecurity controls, such as automated hardening techniques.
  2. Digital Risk Tracker: Our real-time risk monitoring and management tool helps organizations identify potential vulnerabilities, including those related to server configurations, applications, and operating systems. With the Digital Risk Tracker, insurers can encourage clients to adopt automated hardening techniques, ensuring greater security for their digital assets.
  3. SecondSight Exposurescape: This platform streamlines the underwriting process, making it easier for insurers to evaluate clients’ cybersecurity posture. By incorporating information about the effectiveness of specific cybersecurity controls, such as automated hardening techniques, insurers can better assess risk and offer more accurate pricing and terms.

The Benefits of SecondSight’s AI-Powered Solutions:

By leveraging the latest research, such as the findings from Marsh McLennan, SecondSight provides a data-driven approach to prioritizing cybersecurity efforts and enhancing the cyber insurance buying process. This adaptability allows insurers and their clients to:

  1. Allocate resources toward the most effective cybersecurity controls
  2. Better position their risk with insurers
  3. Build their cyber resiliency more confidently

In a rapidly evolving cyber landscape, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for both insurers and their clients. SecondSight’s AI-powered solutions enable brokers and insurers to adapt to new carrier requirements and research findings on the fly, ensuring they always provide the best possible advice and coverage to their clients. Trust SecondSight to help build a more cyber-resilient economy by embracing change and staying informed on the latest industry trends.

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