[HYBRID EVENT] Exposure Management for Digital Risk: Visualizing and Measuring Previously Unseen Risks

[HYBRID EVENT] Exposure Management for Digital Risk: Visualizing and Measuring Previously Unseen Risks


SecondSight, in collaboration with ACORD, is pleased to invite you to an exclusive event dedicated to exploring ground-breaking advancements in Exposure Management for Digital Risk. This special event is tailored for leaders within the insurance and reinsurance industries, offering a sophisticated platform to engage with transformative technologies and strategies.

Introduction: Join us as we welcome you to an engaging session on the emerging exposure to digital risk. Discover innovative ways to visualize and take action against these evolving threats.


From 14:30 BST: In-Person Arrivals at ACORD London Conference Center

15:00 BST: Welcome and Introduction: Kick off the afternoon with opening remarks that highlight the significance of managing digital risks in today’s interconnected world.

15:30 – 16:30 BST: SecondSight Presentation: Experience how SecondSight leverages real-time data to revolutionize catastrophic risk modeling, ensuring our underwriting processes adapt to emerging risks with unparalleled precision. Dive into our friendly and intuitive approach to understanding complex cyber risks which can be seamlessly integrated into     existing workflows.

16:30 BST: Cap off the event with a   drinks reception hosted by SecondSight. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to network with peers, discuss industry trends, and explore potential collaborations in a convivial atmosphere

Why Attend: How can traditional underwriting practices keep up with the exponential rate of growth in digital assets? The short answer is they can’t. The digital era requires a new approach.

Vertical AI for Cyber: Gain deep insights into the future of digital risk management through AI-driven analytics and real-time data application.

Proactive Remediation: Learn how to enhance your responsiveness to digital threats and market changes with leading-edge technology.

Cyber Product Development: Discover how advanced risk assessments lead to innovative pricing models.

Practical Modeling Capabilities: For the first time, have the ability to model digital risk explicitly, making informed decisions on whether to accept or mitigate such exposures.

Register here: https://events.teams.microsoft.com/event/7b73b853-2d4a-49ee-9a25-2de932ae1556@44530ff1-5b52-459a-a4b9-66aa95755dfe

SecondSight’s Vertical AI refines cyber insurance from risk assessment to portfolio strategy, enabling brokers to optimize risk placement and empowering carriers to manage portfolios more effectively.
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