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Cyber Insurance

Autonomously calculating the total severity of a data ecosystem, replacing the qualitative estimates currency employed. The Shape of Data algorithm discovers, classifies, scores and dollarizes operational and exposure data risk. The result is a more sophisticated insurance product for the new and real risks facing the world.



Powering the Accounting industry by enabling accountants to rapidly identify risks to the corporate balance sheet that are created by data. Our Data Risk Audit provides guidance on how to mitigate exposure by locating and quantifying the value of sensitive data down to the dollar.



SecondSight powers precise deal valuation for the M&A space through unprecedented detection of risks and improved transparency of intangibles. The Shape of Data algorithm lights risks and opportunities within merging business models that are reflected in the data, but not on financial statements.



SecondSight powers the healthcare industry in offering granular insights through autonomous discovery that quickly identify where sensitive patient data needs improved treatment to protect it from misuse, and where patient data is reflected multiple times in different siloed as opportunities for cost reduction.

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