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SecondSight's powerful technology is opening up the world of digital risk management for businesses of all sizes — with tools, insights and support you can’t get anywhere else.

Powerful by themselves. Unbeatable together.

SecondSight Workbench

$499 Base

3 users included

User-friendly online tools that help businesses uncover, understand and manage digital risk more effectively.

Features include:

  • Digital Asset Inventory
  • Risk Control Audit
  • Digital Risk Visibility
  • Digital Risk Planning
  • Guided Workflows
  • Task Delegation and Collaboration
  • Reporting
  • Customer Success
SecondSight Risk Tracker

$1,500 Per TB

3 users included

Industry-first digital risk telematics, empowering businesses to dive deep into digital assets and work with Real Digital Risk from the metadata level outward.

  • Live Digital Content Ledger™
  • Digital Risk Tracker
  • Risk Severity Watch
  • Always-on Risk Modeling
  • Alerts and Recommendations
  • Cybersecurity Board Reports
  • Underwriter Sharing
  • Expert Analyst Support
  • Help Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SecondSight?

SecondSight is the first platform for digital risk management and cyber underwriting. What that means, in people-speak, is that we’ve built a technology backbone that’s going to change the way everybody thinks about digital risk and cyber, and the way it’s covered by the insurance industry. Why? Because it’s time. As the digital world has matured, cybersecurity and cyber insurance hasn’t quite kept up. It’s time for the next big leap forward and SecondSight is both the springboard and the new ecosystem.

Is SecondSight cyber insurance?

No. We offer software tools and services to help businesses know, track and manage their digital risk more effectively — as well as pre-underwriting solutions that make it easier to apply for and secure the best-possible coverage.

Do I have to have cyber insurance to use SecondSight?

Nope. Our tools can help you prepare for a first-time cyber application or a renewal.

Can SecondSight guarantee a lower premium on my cyber coverage?

Not at this time.

Will SecondSight fix my risk/cybersecurity issues?

SecondSight for Pre-Underwriting provides a list of recommended risk control projects, prioritized according to your unique business priorities, renewal date and underwriting relevance. Your IT team (and/or outside Managed Services Provider) can use this list to shape their resource allocation and project planning.

What’s a digital asset?

Anything digital you use to keep the lights on and the business running. We’re not talking about physical hardware here — it’s software applications, databases and all the data in them, SaaS tools, metadata, and more. Just think of digital assets as the large categories of digital tools that you, your company, your customers and your partners work with every day. They add value to your business — unless they’re compromised, in which case they turn into a liability.

What is a digital asset inventory and why do we need one?

Insurance protects assets, right? So you have to start with an inventory that shows every digital asset in your environment, and how everything relates to the business. SecondSight makes it easy.

What is the Risk Controls Audit and why do we need one?

The second of our 3 online workflows, this simple Q&A process helps you detail the risk controls currently used in your environment, gather evidence for underwriting, and identify important tasks for Risk Elimination Planning.

What does “risk control” mean?

“Risk control” is insurance-speak for security measures, basically. A certain software configuration can be a risk control. A tool, like Multi-factor Authentication. Plans and policies count too. Cyber insurance underwriters have specific risk controls they are looking for when evaluating your business for coverage — and those risk controls change as the overall cyber threat environment changes. That’s why SecondSight stays up-to-date with those changing requirements, all the time.

Why do we have to collect all this evidence?

Pro tip: A believable application is a strong one. Plus, having the right evidence improves claim certainty in case of a cyber event.

Success Stories

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer: Taking the hassle out of cyber coverage applications

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer: Staying insurable after incident shuts down 2 plants

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding)

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding): Holding onto coverage after 2 breaches in 1 year

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company: Gearing up to protect contractually required coverage

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