Renewal Readiness

is your AI-powered

ticket to cyber


From audit to ongoing protection, our Renewal Readiness program is purpose-built to deliver deeper, more actionable insights and tools related to digital risk than ever before. 

How does it work?

Renewal Readiness is built on SecondSight’s Reveles backbone — an AI-driven operation system that’s unlike anything the insurance industry has ever seen before. Reveles delivers uncanny accuracy and visibility into risk, which is then paired with our remediation marketplace so companies can quickly and easily take steps toward insurability. It’s the first end-to-end cyber insurance solution.

True Transparency into Digital Assets & Liabilities

Reveles enables businesses to fully embrace digital — without the risk, manpower and headaches that were inherent before. Reveles analyzes your digital dimension and delivers tangible results in record time, saving you real dollars and minimizing real risk.
Autonomous Asset Discovery
Reveles scans and locates your data assets — both structured and unstructured — using a standard universal connection framework. That means Reveles is essentially plug-and-play and configuration is a breeze. Once installed, Reveles runs autonomously in the background, and gets increasingly smarter over time.
Digital Risk Management
It isn’t enough just to see a complete 
picture of your digital assets. You need to understand what’s important — not just to your organization, but also in terms of risk, compliance, redundancy, and more. Reveles indexes the assets in your entire ecosystem so you can consciously and continuously assess and act.
Always-on Economic Impact
Reveles gives you access to your risk exposure through a real-time dashboard that makes the insights tangible, the experience easy, and the path to action clear. This allows you to take control of any exposure, measure your performance, and act swiftly.

Digital Asset Management

Reveles provides a high-resolution view into all the digital assets in an organization. This gives managers the most accurate information on which digital assets support business continuity, what is high risk, and what simply needs to be managed and governed.
Let us help you mitigate digital risks from the inside out, to obtain and maintain cyber insurance.