Empowering the Modern Broker

Navigating the Insurance Lifecycle with AI

SecondSight provides a comprehensive approach to
managing the insurance process using advanced AI technology.
Navigate Cyber Insurance Complexity with Your AI Co-Pilot

Digitizing The Cyber Insurance Buying Experience: One Platform, Every Client Size

Empowering brokers with AI-driven flexibility,
ensuring precise risk evaluation across diverse client profiles and sizes

SecondSight's Full-Spectrum Broker Solution

By integrating cutting-edge AI technology across the insurance lifecycle, SecondSight not only simplifies and refines the insurance process but also positions brokers as forward-thinking leaders in the cyber insurance domain.

Brokers are equipped to craft targeted business plans that target top-tier markets and cross-sell opportunities, maximizing their potential earnings without leaving revenue on the table


The ‘Marketing’ stage is revolutionized by SecondSight’s user-friendly digital platform, enabling brokers to effortlessly navigate cyber insurance placements.


In the ‘Retain’ phase, SecondSight’s AI-driven tools actively manage evolving risks, ensuring that client protection is a continual process.

Digitizing Cyber Insurance

A Secure, Streamlined Entry Point

  • AI Experience: The platform offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface that simplifies the complex process of insurance placement, making it accessible for all types of brokers from specialists to generalists.
  • Top Tier Market Comparison: Brokers can compare different cyber insurance products to find the best match for their clients’ needs.
  • Automated Quoting: With automated quote generation, brokers can quickly provide clients with accurate insurance options, pricing and bindable quotes.
Client Engagement

Integrating Clients with Precision and Personalization

  • Personalized Invitations: Crafted to resonate, drawing clients into our cohesive ecosystem.
  • Manage Process of Invites: A unified view ensuring clarity in outreach.
  • Dashboard Overview: Holistic insights at a glance, keeping track of client engagement.
  • Bulk Upload for Rapid Invitations: Simplify mass invitations without compromising the personal touch.
Broker Advisory Guide

Become a Specialist in Cyber Insurance

  • Continuous Risk Monitoring: Utilize continuous risk assessment tools to keep clients’ digital risk profiles up-to-date and proactive.
  • Dynamic Educational Resources: Stay ahead of the curve with cutting-edge educational materials on cyber threats and insurance trends.
  • Comprehensive Advisory Reports: Generate detailed reports for clients, enhancing your advisory role and helping them make informed decisions.
  • Seamless Client Discovery: Efficiently manage client interactions from initial discovery through to ongoing advisory with the SecondSight Workbench.
Broker Efficiency

Multi-Carrier Submission

  • Effortless Carrier Form Submission: Automatically populate and submit multiple carrier forms with a single entry in the SecondSight Company Workbench, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Comprehensive Customer Profiles: Enter customer information once and apply it across various carrier forms, ensuring consistency and completeness.
  • Smart Carrier Selection: Choose from a list of carriers with ratings to submit forms to, enabling brokers to efficiently target the right insurers for their clients.
  • Customized Carrier Settings: Save preferred carrier settings to streamline future submissions, personalized to broker preferences and client needs.

Finding Opportunities Beyond Your Current Reach

SecondSight is a cutting-edge solution that empowers brokers in the cyber insurance market. It optimizes revenue streams and enhances client relationships, allowing you to seize every opportunity in this growing sector.

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