Real Digital Risk.
Real-World Results.

Taking the hassle
out of cyber

Self-insured $500M
Paper Manufacturer

SecondSight makes everything easier
  • Expert answers and impeccable evidence for all common underwriting questions
  • Top risk controls verified
  • Remediation efforts resulting in < 24hr recoverability

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Staying insurable
after incident
shuts down
2 plants

$400M Specialty
Furniture Manufacturer

SecondSight strengthens the risk story
  • Expert action plan for remediating key gaps and speeding recoverability
  • Third-party verification of digital asset inventory
  • Documented evidence of cyber hygiene improvements

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Holding onto
coverage after
2 breaches
in 1 year

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding)

SecondSight enables a strategic bounce-back
  • Moving from no central IT to new MSP
    • Full digital asset inventory, on-premise
      and in the cloud
    • Prioritized action plan for risk remediation
      and business continuity
  • Expert answers and unimpeachable evidence for
    cyber renewal applications

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Gearing up
to protect

Nationwide Packaging
and Logistics Company

SecondSight activates a robust cyber hygiene strategy
  • Visibility into entire digital asset inventory,
    on- premise and cloud
  • Strategies for remediating key gaps and
    improving recoverability
  • Evidence of underwriters’ top risk controls
  • Much stronger risk story for renewals with
    impeccable supplementals

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