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never been easier.

Built by insurance industry experts, SecondSight makes the cyber application process simpler, more efficient and more effective — so you can focus on what you do best.

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SecondSight is a proven inside-out way to help your clients get optimal cyber coverage and terms

  • Non-technical and easy for you and your client
  • Checks for insurability issues — including outside-in vulnerability and risk assessment
  • Provides prioritized list of risk elimination projects
  • Collects evidence underwriters want to see
  • Delivers the important answers for completing applications

4 steps to hassle-free cyber applications

SecondSight makes things easy for your next renewal cycle — and every cycle after that.

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Build your cyber knowledge and your book

Trust the digital risk experts to guide you and your clients

Digital risk is complex — SecondSight isn’t
Step-by-step guidance built right in
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Drive more revenue without adding more hassle

SecondSight streamlines the path.
Expand your book of business
Beachhead into prospects
Save accounts

Improve claim certainty and overall insurability

Give underwriters the info they want to see
Accurate, documented evidence
Outside-in and inside-out
Optional 3rd-party evidence audit