SecondSight for MSPs

cyber insurance readiness
the easy way.

Built by insurance industry experts, SecondSight is a turnkey pre-underwriting program you can implement and derive value from right away. This powerful program provides everything you need to help customers secure cyber coverage — while also unlocking hidden upsell opportunities. And by helping your customers, SecondSight makes your business more insurable too.

SecondSight is helping MSPs monetize cyber readiness.

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Drive revenue with truly effective pre-underwriting prep
Insider-developed process aligned with always-current carrier standards
  • Inside-out risk control certification
  • Outside-in vulnerability and threat detection
  • Industry-standard evidence collection
Expand your customer footprint with minimal resource utilization
Efficient guided workflows built by digital risk engineers
  • Easy-to-use online tools
  • AI-enabled processes
  • Seamless project management
Build incremental sales around documented unmet needs
Upsell service opportunities around risk-control gaps
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Cyber-awareness training
  • Instant response plans
  • Endpoint detection

Trusted by customers, MSPs, brokers and carriers
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Fast time
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