The next


airgap is here.

Companies need a more intelligent approach to ensuring their airgap solution is backing up what’s critical and knowing when to stop because data has been compromised. AirGap Backup from SecondSight is the next-gen airgap solution, delivering real-time intelligence and a level of security never available before.  

Separating a computer from other networks is called air gapping; the “airgap” isolates the computer, providing an extra layer of security.

The advantages of AirGap Backup

AirGap Backup is powered by Artificial Intelligence, continuously protecting businesses from cyber damage, human error, and data loss — and it’s easier and more effective than any other solution available.
  • Lowers risk of ransomware damages
  • Deploys in minutes to days and runs autonomously once installed
  • Integrates with pre-existing backup solutions and can be configured with net-new backup environments
  • Includes proactive services for installation, configuration, and reporting through our partnerships

Contain costs and risk with autonomous discovery.

With AirGap Backup, executive teams can confidently say business continuity is not a concern in the event of an incident — and more importantly, that potential revenue loss is minimized.
  • Predicts ransomware by proactively identifying new data encryption patterns
  • Shortens the cycle time to resume business operations, and limits financial damages
  • Asset segmentation to inform network segmentation

Install a turnkey AI-enabled airgap backup in days, not months.

Become ransomware-ready with a self-learning technology that discovers mission-critical digital assets and tags them to be sent to an off-network airgap solution to minimize financial damages and shorten the cycle time resume operations.

Autonomous Digital Asset & Risk Profile
An AI-based digital asset profile allows you to see your digital assets and risk with complete clarity for the first time, autonomously. A deeper dive profile will identify all of the sensitive and regulatory related assets to calculate the monetary value of your digital risk.
Preserve Business Continuity
SecondSight has pre-built integrations with AirGap technology and leading backup providers so the asset and risk profile will continuously send signals to the Airgap solution to back-up the most critical digital assets as your business evolves.

SecondSight has partnerships with cyber incident response and remediation experts to support your organization with any remediation needs, including complete restoration of your network, applications, and data files.