Navigate Cyber Insurance Complexity with Your AI Co-Pilot.

Simplify Your Cyber Insurance Journey with
SecondSight's Intelligent, Tailored Solutions
Navigate Cyber Insurance Complexity with Your AI Co-Pilot

The stronger your risk profile,
the better coverage you can get.

SecondSight helps you build that strong profile as efficiently as possible.
All those application questions? No sweat.
Prove you’ve got the right risk controls — without going nuts.
Nobody can eliminate every risk, all at once. So don’t.
SecondSight Workbench

Stop fearing digital risk and start working with it.

SecondSight Workbench is a user-friendly suite of software tools that help businesses uncover, understand and manage digital risk more effectively.

  • Streamlined Insurability
  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment
  • Intelligent Risk Reduction
SecondSight Company Workbench
Secondsight Risk Tracker

Add telematics to digital risk and — boom — you're totally in charge.

The first of its kind, SecondSight Risk Tracker delivers autonomous discovery, always-on monitoring and built-in remediation to digital risk management.

  • Always-on Risk Modeling
  • Risk Severity Watch
  • Live Digital Content Ledger™
Risk Tracker Agent

Conquer Digital Privacy:
Identify & Mitigate Tracking Risks

SecondSight and Jackson Lewis have teamed up to help you demystify these digital privacy challenges.

Download our comprehensive blueprint to kickstart your journey towards a secure digital landscape and protect your organization’s reputation.


Success Stories

Increased cyber insurance coverage from $1.5M to $12M

Increased cyber insurance coverage from $1.5M to $12M

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer: Taking the hassle out of cyber coverage applications

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer: Staying insurable after incident shuts down 2 plants

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding)

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding): Holding onto coverage after 2 breaches in 1 year

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company: Gearing up to protect contractually required coverage

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Mining Company increased its cyber insurance coverage from $1.5M to $12M in under two years

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