Shorten the cycle time to ransomware mitigation

Get high-resolution visibility of your organization’s digital assets, and those that present the highest risk of ransom.

Discover what data you have with a free 30 day trial.

Introducing reveles

Reveles is an A.I. platform which intelligently identifies the data that carries the greatest risk, and alerts you on the action required to reduce exposure and safeguard your digital assets.

Our purpose is to help business identify risk and act with certainty.

5 key benefits

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the innovation
is the purest form of
autonomous data discovery

Discovery Flow


Reveles is deployed on-premise or to the cloud through a wide variety of connection and access options

data catalog

Advanced A.I. achieves data discovery and indexing as humanly accurate by creating a unique 3Dimensional fingerprint of the data ecosystem 

machine intelligence

Our machine intelligence layer uses multiple machine and deep learning techniques to improve classification methods over time


Precision and Accuracy Matters

What is the cost of being non-compliant in a more data regulatory world?

Answering a question like this is made simple with Reveles. With classification accuracy higher than other solutions in the market, our Learning System TM boasts up to >92% classification accuracy versus other methods or solutions in the market.


The Economics of Data

Every organization has data, but what value does it hold?

Reveles enhances the investments your organization has made into data science, governance and all areas of data management. Through simplified discovery and indexing of your data risk liability and current value.

We help you to perform data science quicker, improve governance efforts and achieve complete oversight at speed.


Turn Data to Dollars

Providing CFOs and CDOs with complete peace of mind by quantifying the financial value and exposure to risk of the data they hold.

Reveles uses accounting principles to assign value to each digital and data asset, so you can accurately model for cost and benefit while applying financial rigour to the potential off-balance-sheet risk.

Invest better. Move faster.