Gain momentum by focusing on data that counts.

What data do we have, what data is valuable, and what data is at risk?

See the unseeable through a new lens, giving you the right perspective for the right answers.

Uncover opportunities with a new understanding of the economics of data and the economic business


Data hides too much risk - risk that SecondSight will uncover.

Our highly scalable machine learning technology enables your business to find where valuable data lives and where data risk is most detected.

S2 intelligently scans and classifies each data asset for a more straightforward approach to management and control of sensitivity and exposure to risk. Concentrated on safeguarding the contents and providing a solution to the overwhelming and unmanageable volume of information your business creates each day.

Your data holds meaning, meaning that handled correctly can add enormous value to the bottom line, by identifying this data and its material relationship to the financials, it gives momentum to new opportunity and a more advanced approach to developing innovative products.

Look at your data with new lens, which allows you to see the right perspective to uncover the right answers.

Reduce costs, reduce burden, and promote value...

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Black Swan

So much is being asked about the data economy but there are still fundamental questions unanswered “what data do we have” and “what data is of value.”

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What is Black Swan?

Most data profiling-based tools on the market today use common profiling techniques, anchored in database management, void of advanced mathematic capabilities.

SecondSight applies Topological Mathematics. We have found, when you blend topological mathematics with statistics and more conventional learning models, you can perform data discovery as robustly as humans do but with the least amount of human involvement possible - this is autonomous data discovery in its purest form.

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