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make the shift

from physical

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Every business accumulates massive amounts of digital data and assets over time. Some you need, some you don’t. Some you don’t even remember exists. It’s a sea of digital assets for which there’s no globally adopted standard of measurement, and no way of precisely accounting for or forecasting their impact on your organization. Until now.

SecondSight is built for the digital economy — giving businesses unprecedented visibility into risk and enabling them to finally gain control of the digital dimension.

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Size matters — and yet doesn’t matter at all — when it comes to digital risk.

With SecondSight, businesses can see their digital risk with complete clarity for the first time. Our AI-powered tools deliver a high-definition view of the breadth of an organization’s digital ecosystem itself, as well as the depth and severity of the risk within it. It sees the stories created by the patterns within the data, and identifies even the tiniest specs of liability so you’re one step ahead of it.

A company’s real risk lies at the intersection of severity and probability.

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Denial of cyber insurance coverage
Ransom paid to hackers and malicious intruders
Reputation damages due to lack of trust and data security
Loss in revenue from gaps in critical knowledge and insurance coverage

SecondSight was created to help businesses makes sense of their digital assets — and find the risk or value in them.

The Vision
Our goal is to create the Asset Management Platform that powers the Digital Economy. We’ll tackle a universal problem that plagues all of us: understanding and measuring the intrinsic value and risk associated with digital assets.
The Approach
Our patented AI autonomously surveys an organization’s data dimension — including its stores, databases and devices — to identify and quantify their risk. But it isn’t just a one-time solution; it runs continuously in the background, protecting for the future as well as today.
The Product
The first tool of its kind, Reveles outperforms humans in terms of classification accuracy and speed. What takes a team of people weeks to do, takes Reveles days — with an unheard of 92% accuracy rate.

With Reveles, organizations maintain a

constant eye on their digital assets, keeping

their cyber-vulnerability in check.

Cyber Insurance

Real time view of changing risk profiles to see exposure

Incident Response

Shift from reactive to proactive with autonomous data mining

Business Continuity

Intelligent Airgap of most critical data assets

Ransomware Prevention

Predict ransomware based on changing patterns of encrypted assets

SecondSight is backed by a team

of curious thinkers from data

science, insurance, and asset

management backgrounds.

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