SecondSight For Brokers

Don't Get Lost in the Crowd: Intelligently Identify and Segment the Best Digital Risk
for Insurers

SecondSight can help brokers design more effective cyber insurance programs that meet their clients' needs.
SecondSight For Brokers

Powering Next Generation Brokers

SecondSight provides real quantification of digital risk, allowing applications to
stand out and giving brokers a competitive advantage in a scarce market.
Streamline Cyber Applications
Save time by streamlining the process of managing cyber applications
Market Differentiation
Strengthen applications so they rise to the top of the underwriters pile.
Dynamic Risk Segmentation
Auto-segment insureds based on the risk requirements of each carrier.
Increase Take Rates
Increase take rates with an accurate understanding of the client's digital risk.
Powered by SecondSight

The complexities of Cyber Insurance are simplified, finally.

  • Each client’s digital inventory, risk controls, and evidence all in one place
  • Answer every application question with speed and acccuracy
  • Help assess clients risk exposure
  • Become a trusted advisor for cyber risk
SecondSight For Brokers

SecondSight For Brokers

Acquire New Customers

Helping brokers differentiate and win new clients in the competitive cyber insurance market.


  • Access to a pre-defined number of Workbench subscriptions
  • Thought-leadership events
  • Hands-on enablement sessions
  • Co-branded quarterly newsletters
  • Dedicated pre-bind support
  • Regional and National packages
Retain Existing Customers

Designed to help brokers retain and engage their clients.


  • Access to a 100-pack of Workbench subscriptions
  • 25 Customer Success Workshops
  • Hands-on enablement sessions
  • Co-branded quarterly newsletters
  • Dedicated pre-bind support

SecondSight For Brokers FAQ

What is SecondSight Workbench?

User-friendly tools and project management for working with digital risk both inside out and outside in.

How does SecondSight Increase Take Rates?

SecondSight helps increase cyber insurance take-up rates by providing businesses with an improved risk assessment. This enables businesses to understand their digital risks better and identify the appropriate level of coverage needed to protect their operations.

What is the Virtual Thought-Leadership Event?

The Virtual Thought-Leadership Event is a series of webinars and other online events focused on cyber insurance and risk transfer. These events provide valuable insights and education to brokers and clients, and can help establish your company as an authority in the cyber insurance space.

What is the Real Digital Risk Series?

The Real Digital Risk Series is an in-person, business-focused thought leadership event that provides an opportunity for brokers and clients to connect and learn about the latest trends and best practices in cyber insurance and risk management.

What are Hands-On Enablement Sessions?

Hands-On Enablement Sessions are live and on-demand training sessions that help brokers and clients better understand and navigate the S2 platform and the broader cyber insurance market.

What is the Dedicated Pre-Bind Support resource?

The Dedicated Pre-Bind Support resource is a collaboration between brokers and clients that helps to ensure that clients have the coverage they need and are satisfied with their cyber insurance policies. This resource provides support and guidance throughout the pre-bind process, helping to streamline the process of finding the right coverage for specific needs.

Success Stories

Increased cyber insurance coverage from $1.5M to $12M

Increased cyber insurance coverage from $1.5M to $12M

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer: Taking the hassle out of cyber coverage applications

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer: Staying insurable after incident shuts down 2 plants

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding)

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding): Holding onto coverage after 2 breaches in 1 year

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company: Gearing up to protect contractually required coverage

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