Executive Guide

Conquer Digital Privacy: Identify & Mitigate Tracking Risks

In the digital era where data is the new oil, uncovering and managing hidden tracking elements in your public-facing domains is critical. Various tracking technologies, from third-party cookies to key loggers and canvas fingerprinting, can pose serious threats to data privacy and regulatory compliance.

SecondSight and Jackson Lewis have teamed up to help you demystify these digital privacy challenges. Our innovative AI-driven solutions not only identify potential risk areas but also provide actionable mitigation strategies, paving the way for universal data privacy compliance.

Download our comprehensive blueprint to kickstart your journey towards a secure digital landscape and protect your organization’s reputation.


SecondSight's Privacy Exposure Monitoring

Our service identifies and assesses risk areas such as Third-Party Cookies, Key Loggers, Canvas Fingerprinting, Ad Trackers, Facebook Pixel, and Google Analytics. Our continuous monitoring service includes:

  • Privacy Exposure Trend Analysis
  • Privacy Exposure Best Practices
  • Cross-Domain Tracking Technologies

About Jackson Lewis

The Privacy, Data and Cybersecurity practice group at Jackson Lewis understands the myriad issues that organizations encounter when collecting and processing data, both for managing human capital and commercial activities. Impressively, their team has a comprehensive understanding of the technical, administrative, contractual, and legal risks, and how they interact within the industry-specific regulatory environments in which their clients operate