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SecondSight AI Brings
Transparency to Digital Risk

  • Seamlessly integrating insured, broker, and carrier experiences.
  • Digital agnostic to tackle today’s challenges while preparing for what’s next.
  • Boost portfolio performance by proactively managing exposure.

Commercial-Ready Products To Address
Every Stage of the Value Chain


Smart, Personalized, and Up-to-Date

SecondSight transforms the complex world of cyber insurance lifecycle management, much like how software revolutionizes tax filing. We recognize the intricacies of insurance, but our platform has been meticulously crafted for the user. It’s intelligent, continuously updated with evolving carrier demands and regulations, and delivers bespoke support to ensure all your insurance prerequisites are meticulously catered to. With SecondSight, customers can rest assured they’re comprehensively shielded.

Retail Broker

Intelligent Support and Innovative Content

Our Broker Workbench equips brokers to evolve into contemporary risk managers, streamlining their advisory role for clients. Understanding that brokers might not be tech-savvy, our intelligent assistant simplifies tasks with auto-fill applications for multiple carriers, eliminating repetitive manual entries. With integrated multi-carrier access, brokers can seamlessly select from a diverse range of policies. This coupled with our ability to customize layers of coverage ensures clients receive optimal insurance solutions. Through generative AI-driven content, brokers remain informed, prioritizing deep client relationships

Wholesale Brokers

Seamless Integration and Bespoke Capabilities

SecondSight offers an effective solution for Wholesale Brokers, designed to streamline the underwriting process. Our platform integrates smoothly into your workflow, enabling continuous control monitoring and reducing single points of failure. With bespoke capabilities tailored to your unique needs, SecondSight enables brokers to handle high volumes of transactions efficiently and connect clients with the perfect partner carrier seamlessly.


Portfolio Management with Seamless Integration of Data

SecondSight’s Exposurescape transforms portfolio management by reducing timeframes from months to days. We gather and continuously update previously inaccessible data, allowing underwriting teams to create, model, and implement risk controls and underwriting rules within a single workday. Our generative AI uses collected metadata to disseminate knowledge throughout the system, keeping the risk market, brokers, and insured parties synchronized. With Exposurescape, portfolio management becomes more efficient and effective, leading to improved results for all stakeholders.

Carriers and Re-Insurance

Managing Complex Reinsurance Risks

SecondSight’s reinsurance solution tackles the challenges posed by risk concentration and the rapid expansion of digital assets. Utilizing advanced AI and autocorrelation, we model supply chain risk in your portfolio, offering increased visibility and enhanced risk management. This approach helps navigate the complexities of reinsurance in today’s digital landscape.

Features and Benefits

Digital Risk Analysis
  • Digital Telematics: Collect, process, and analyze data on digital risk behavior
  • Dynamic Risk Segmentation: Establish risk profiles based on asset use case, business importance, and more
  • Severity Modeling: Understand potential losses and identify mitigation strategies
  • Active Risk Engineering: Continuous monitoring and tailored recommendations for insured clients
Portfolio Optimization
  • Portfolio Analytics: Better differentiate customer bases and understand digital content risks
  • Audit Logs: Quantify completed work by risk engineers for transparency and accountability
  • Loss Control Prevention: pricing and risk evaluation, enhancing loss prevention strategies
  • Single Point of Failure (SPOF): Identify and balance portfolio SPOF risks through targeted campaigns

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How SecondSight Risk Tracker Helped a
Mining Company Target Cyber Risk Controls

A large mining company lacked visibility into digital risk, which made them vulnerable to cyber threats.