SecondSight Workbench

It’s time to make digital risk management a lot more manageable

SecondSight Workbench is a user-friendly suite of software tools
that help businesses uncover, understand and manage digital risk more effectively.

Managing digital risk is easier
with the right tools.

Guided workflows that make key digital risk management tasks easier: Digital Asset Inventory, Risk Control Audit.
Risk Visibility
1000-ft, filterable view of entire Digital Asset Inventory

Project status view
Risk Planning
Unverified inventory list

Repair list for addressing risk control gaps, prioritized by business importance
Digital asset segmentation

Risk control scores

Let’s unpack that toolbox.

Digital Asset Inventory

Every digital “thing” you use to do business is an asset, right? It adds value to the business. But each digital asset does different things, and the risks around and within them are different. Creating and maintaining a Digital Asset Inventory helps you pin them all down, whether they’re on-premise or SaaS, so you can understand and manage risk around each asset separately — and in a financially strategic way.

Digital Asset Inventory includes:

  • A smart starter list of likely digital assets based on your industry
  • Simple waterfall-style workflows
  • One- and two-click task completion
  • Classifications such as asset use case, business importance

Risk Control Check

Best practices and carrier requirements change all the time. SecondSight helps you stay up to date, with an easy way to check your risk controls against the latest standards and requirements. You can also collect evidence of each risk control with just a few clicks, so the proof you need is all in one place for cyber applications or renewals.

Risk Control Check includes:

  • Easy yes/no Q&A workflows
  • Task delegation
  • Built-in evidence collection
  • 3rd-party Risk Engineer verification (optional)

Workbench Insights

Through executive readouts and downloadable reports, SecondSight Workbench gives you access to both summaries and complete details of your Inventory and Audit projects. We also leverage all of your inputs to generate key analyses you can use for more effective risk management.

Workbench Insights include:

  • Digital asset segmentation by business importance
  • Risk control scoring by organization, processes, network, digital assets and more.

Success Stories

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer

Self-insured $500M Paper Manufacturer: Taking the hassle out of cyber coverage applications

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer

$400M Specialty Furniture Manufacturer: Staying insurable after incident shuts down 2 plants

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding)

Nonprofit (Cyber Coverage Crucial to Funding): Holding onto coverage after 2 breaches in 1 year

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company

Nationwide Packaging and Logistics Company: Gearing up to protect contractually required coverage

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