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When growth is unintentional, liabilities are unknown, leaving businesses with no way to hedge against the risk. Reveles' autonomous data discovery is reshaping the way businesses approach mission-critical processes and activities across a wide range of areas, including:

Cyber Insurance Renewal

Achieve a net-zero digital risk profile.

Waiting another 20 years for historical loss data isn’t an option for underwriters today — so we invented a better way. In a matter of days, we give brokers a crystal clear view of high-risk digital assets and the potential severity of an event. We then deliver tailored recommendations on next steps with our partners across the value chain to shorten cycle time in the underwriting process, remediate unnecessary risk, and automate tracking changes in your company's risk profile.

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Delivers a precise understanding of what liabilities exist from digital assets within the enterprise
Provides high-resolution visibility of the severity of a cyber event
Limits the size of claims with proactive remediation and intelligent backup
Incident Response

Take a proactive stance on emergencies.

Incidents are not an “if”; they’re a “when.” Leading incident response firms deploy Reveles pre-event to pinpoint exactly where digital risk exists, what assets are core to business continuity, and which need better governance. Once deployed, Reveles becomes a proactive extension of your risk management team, with real-time monitoring and communications of changes in your risk profile.

Facilitates backups of your most critical data to make ransomware a nonevent
Identifies & categorizes structured & unstructured data to assess & mitigate data risk liability
Provides visibility into regulatory compliance, such as GDPR, CCPA, & New York Shield
Intelligent Airgap

Never fail with AI-enabled airgap.

To get coverage for your digital assets, you must be able to restore all assets that are core to your business within 10 days — which means you need an air-tight airgap solution. Reveles is a more intelligent approach to airgap, ensuring that what's critical is backed up and and that your system knows when to stop because data has been compromised.

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Predicts ransomware by proactively identifying new data encryption patterns
Shortens the cycle time to resume business operations, and limits financial damages
Delivers asset segmentation to inform network segmentation
Digital Asset Mining

Shorten your time to understanding.

Autonomous digital asset discovery makes manual data mining a thing of the past. With Reveles, companies will have an always-on manifest of all PII, where the assets are stored and which regulations they are governed by. We take this step further by compiling all of these fragments into single identities to ensure an accurate count. With our marketplace integrations, we help facilitate the customer communication process.

Significantly reduce the number of people and time it takes to recover your assets.
Real-time digital asset manifest makes streamlines the process understanding of the environment pre-event.
Autonomous identity resolution gives you visibility into the number of sensitive records and the associated regulations.
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